The Source Once Again A Source of Trademark Problems

Circuit City continues to encounter trademark problems in Canada with its chain of retail consumer electronics stores. When Circuit City purchased the chain of 870 plus stores from Radio Shack 18 months ago, it was forced to incur substantial costs to re-brand them as The Source by Circuit City. Now, a smaller chain of photo shops called Foto-Source Canada Inc. has applied to the Federal Court of Canada seeking an order that Circuit City cease using The Source as part of its name.

Foto-Source contends that it adopted the slogan “Get it right, from the source” in 1994. Both parties have filed applications to register their respective trademarks in Canada but neither application has been published for opposition yet.


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  1. Steve Montgomery says:

    As member # 20 of foto source I was a voting member when we elected to change the name from IPPD (Independant Professional Photo Dealers) to foto source with the slogan “Get it right, from the source”. Although I don,t have any paperwork available now it was my belief that registration was in progress at least. The interesting part to me is that after selling my business to another foto source member I now work at the Source by Circuit City.

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