Bricks and Mortar or Online Order? Federal Court of Appeal decides what Constitutes Trademark “Use” in Association with Hotel Services

Over the last few decades, Courts in Canada have grappled with whether “hotel services” and “motel services” can be performed in Canada in the absence of physical hotel premises in the country. In its decision in Hilton Worldwide Holding LLP v. Miller Thomson LLP (2018 FC 89) (“Hilton Worldwide FC”),  the Federal Court of Canada (the “Court”) found that, in some circumstances, such services can indeed be performed in Canada, even in the absence of a physical hotel in Canada. On appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal (the “Court of Appeal”), in  Miller Thomson v Hilton Worldwide Holding LLP, (2020 FCA 134) (“Hilton Worldwide FCA”), the Court of Appeal agreed and affirmed most of the earlier findings of the Court. Read more