It’s Hallowe’en But There’s Not Much Interest In Hell(.Com)

Recent bidding for the domain name failed to live up to it’s owner’s hopes, with no one matching the $1 million (U.S.) reserve bid. In case you’re interested, the domain name is taken and links to an active site, unlike, which apparently operates in a “private parallel web”.


Olympic Trademark Legislation

The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) is seeking legislation from the federal government that will allow it to deal more effectively with persons who misuse Olympic marks. In its annual report released this week, VANOC explains that it is in discussions with Canadian government officials regarding a special legilslation to protect the Olympic brand. The intention is to reduce ambush marketing during the period leading up to the 2008 Beijing Games and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

Such legislation is not new. Italy introduced such legislation prior to the 2006 Turin Winter Games.

University Trademarks

A recent survey from Statistics Canada indicates that Canadian Universities are doing a good job of commercializing their research and inventions. As Larry Munn writes in Campus Counsel, Universities should also avail themselves of the unique protection available for their marks under Section 9 of the Trade-marks Act.

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