Glen Breton vs. Scotch Whisky – Round 1

In a follow up to our posting of December 20, 2006, the Trade-marks Opposition Board has now sided with the Nova Scotia distiller of GLEN BRETON whisky.  In the Opposition Board’s view, members of the public who purchase GLEN BRETON whisky will not be confused into thinking that they are buying Scotch Whisky.  The Scotch Whisky Association has indicated that it will appeal the decision to the Federal Court, so stay tuned for Round 2.


2 Responses

  1. GIRIDHARAN P says:

    dear sir
    this blog is extremely informative
    and i thank u for taking steps for restricting monopolization of international whiskey trade .
    if possible kindly send me a soft copy of the judgment and pass on whether the scotch whisky has preferred an appeal against the said order
    thnks and regards

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