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Amendment to Trade-marks Act: the Red Crystal Comes to Canada

Posted by Jeffrey Vicq on March 5th, 2008

Though normally a somewhat staid corner of trademark law, prohibited marks have garnered a lot of attention of late particularly as a result of the Olympic and Paralympic Marks Act, which we commented on in several previous posts. However, the Trade-marks Act itself has been recently amended to add a new entrant to the list [...]

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Olympic Trademark Legislation Closer to Becoming Law

Posted by Larry Munn on June 28th, 2007

Following up on an earlier story regarding the unique aspects of Bill C-47, we note that the Olympic and Paralympic Marks Act, has now received Royal Assent. We understand that the legislation has not yet come into force by order of the Governor in Council, as required by section 15 of the Act, and that regulations [...]

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