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Parodies of Canadian Trademarks

Posted by Larry Munn on February 20th, 2007

An earlier blog reported that the organizers of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games have threatened legal action against pranksters who mock the Olympic brand through the use of spoofs or parodies on the Internet. We do not propose to comment on trademark law in China. However, a review of the Canadian law indicates that in the [...]

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More Olympic Trade-mark Issues

Posted by Larry Munn on January 19th, 2007

Protecting the official trademarks of the Olympic Games is proving to be an ongoing challenge for the organizers of the Beijing 2008 Games, as well as the Vancouver 2010 Games. We reported some time ago regarding possible new Canadian legislation. Beijing organizers are now threatening legal action against pranksters that are using the Internet to [...]

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December Case Law

Posted by Larry Munn on January 8th, 2007

There were three cases out of the Federal Court in December 2006 that are of interest. In Omega Engineering, Inc. v. Omega SA, 2006 FC 1472, the Applicant was the owner of the trade-mark OMEGA and three related marks for use in association with scientific and industrial clocks and timers, amongst other measuring instruments used [...]

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